June 29th, 2016|

Modesty. A virtue, right? The phrase is uttered more often than we might ever recollect. The thing about modesty is that it's just as subjective as any other virtuous trait. One man's idea of modest is another man's idea of bombastic. It's the same way for beauty. Or just about any other cornerstone trait we might seek in others - and ourselves. More important than modesty is kindness. More important than modesty is patience. More important than modesty is frankness, in my opinion. Don't mistake a confident person to be without modesty. Work to understand the difference. But never forget, [...]


In Remembrance

June 18th, 2016|

I've been working up the courage to write this since Sunday afternoon. It isn't that I didn't want to speak out or sound in on the latest tragedy that has not only befallen America, but the gay community - it's that I wanted to reflect long and hard on what it all means to someone like me. Someone connected and very much a part of this world, but physically disassociated with the deaths at Pulse Night Club on June 12th. Sunday evening I did a 6 minute video journal reflecting on my thoughts, feelings and everything that was holding me [...]


Rose Red

June 13th, 2016|



June 2nd, 2016|

Alright, here we go again. I'm aware we've been here a few times over the years. When I let this site go dark about a year ago I decided it was time to seek other pursuits in life. And then, a few months later I was haphazardly approached by filmmakers wanting to use my name and story in a film exploiting and taunting the adult industry, one man's murder, the gay community and queer culture. Short version of what happened: I said no. I did lease the filmmakers my names and sent them on down the road knowing whatever movie [...]