2010 TLA Gay Awards!

Thank You to everyone who voted to make me TLA’s Performer of the Year for 2010!

The TLA Gay Awards are determined by fans and viewers that place their votes. This is a great accomplishment and I feel extremely honored and lucky to have a faithful, loyal fanbase willing to take the initiative.  There were many more active and certainly more qualified contenders in the race which doubly adds to my amazement for receiving this acknowledgment. Nonetheless, I am greatly appreciative!

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the awards this year pertaining to the adult industry. It looked like for the longest time GayVN was not going to be scheduled; and when they finally did they were pushed so far back to the end of the year they mind as well have just taken the year off altogether. Not to mention: They have dropped many of the categories that I originally qualified for.

And then of course there are The Grabby’s. I’m still working hard to digest some of my confusion there. Big Easy was completely ignored and did not receive one nod. I’m not sure if that’s because 1) It was released too early in the year to be considered (there are many who theorize DVD’s released earlier on are ignored) 2) It was not nearly as good as I thought it was when I broke down in tears of elation upon wrapping the shoot that October 3) Someone very influential in the process simply did not favor it.  The struggle for me here is that Working Hard, a DVD that released after the first of the year and should have have qualified, is up for many awards. I can’t help but wonder if some of this decision is illustrated in an e-mail I received from one of the producers several months back when I chided readers and fans on my old blog for not supporting me with the purchase of the DVD Big Easy.

Who am I kidding, I filmed three projects last year and released only two. For how little I have been filming it’s a wonder I’m still even considered valid. I think the most fascinating element to all of this is that I’ve managed to prove you don’t have to jump at every on-camera opportunity to keep your name on the tip of your fans’ tongues.

From an industry stand point, those of us producing and hoping we’re favored, we do try hard to be realistic about it. I feel award shows are important because it gets us all together to love and relate to one another.  The truth is, winning awards doesn’t sell you more so you can produce more. It’s a nice credential. A nod from our world acknowledging we’re hard workers and sometimes our ingenuity and good casting is worth more than the dollar signs applied to it. A kick of spice to add when they write that article about you.  Now, I’m not saying they aren’t important!  Most of the time, these awards are about driving interest and traffic toward the source of the award in the first place. Which is why now I’m going to do my part and link you in to TLA.com to show my appreciation:


But don’t forget, if you end up in Porn Land over there, you can see all of those DVD titles and the scenes available therein as a VIP Member here on my website. Except of course, Getting Levi’s Johnson.

Once again Thank You for the TLA Gay Award!


  1. Cintronite's Gravatar Cintronite
    April 18, 2010    

    I voted daily =] so happy you won, I feel like I accomplished something lmao
    And I have 2 copies of big easy in the house, tho one seems to be missing (I’m sure I’ll find it in the other bedroom :/ lol)
    I think ur first guess is correct, it was prob just released too early.
    Anyway I plan on buying both working hard and heat for the collection
    (like I need more boys migrating to the house *rolls eyes*)

  2. Quantz's Gravatar Quantz
    April 18, 2010    

    Two observations:

    I. In the category “Best hair” you lost to SOME BALD GUY.

    II. Why did they use a picture of you that is about four years old?

  3. April 18, 2010    

    I don’t know Quantz, online publications and even little magazines are constantly resorting to old images that forcibly perpetuate this idea that I am still trying to look and be 17. Maybe in this case TLA has permission from Falcon to use the image. They should know, though, that I would give them written permission to use any of my copyrighted images.

    • brent's Gravatar brent
      April 22, 2010    

      so why didn’t you give them a new snap of yours? I mean how can anyone publish such an old pic of yours…..it is sick!!

  4. fábio's Gravatar fábio
    April 18, 2010    

    hi brent
    congratulations. you deserve this award – always hot – love seeing you.

  5. April 18, 2010    

    I think the TLA Gay Awards proves once again Brent has some damn LOYAL and Dedicated fans!
    I made exactly two posts about the TLA Awards lest I be seen as touting my verbose Twiiterings, I was Nominated in the Twittering NaBob category, Rob Romoni the Twitter King won!

    Still the fans noticed and took it upon themselves to vote and vote AND VOTE for their favorite Pornstar, without ANY Prompting from the Performer of the Year!

    THAT is Fan Loyalty

    I know some Hollywood Celebs who would be jealous!

  6. jamie's Gravatar jamie
    April 18, 2010    

    Brent – First, congrats!! It is a great honor. Second, Big Easy was so cutting edge. It was better than most reality shows. It sometimes seems that they only want to take the mega blockbuster produced flicks. It seems that the more they spend on a pic the greater the chance of an award. BIG EASY was phenomenal and deserves awards from TLA, GayVN, Grabby and any other out there. Have you seen any of the Guysgocrazy.com parties. Your club visit in New Orleans was a warm up for it. Keep charging away. Oh, you got our votes for anything!!! Jamie

  7. Stingman's Gravatar Stingman
    April 18, 2010    

    ~ Congradulations Brent ~

    I told you before that you are a wonderful person and now the wonderful things are coming your way. You made some differences in your world and it was all for the best.
    You have a purpose; you have the power; you make the magic.

    ~ A Fan ~


    Ps. Heres a ((((( HUG ))))) from me.
    Pss. Listen

  8. Quentiin's Gravatar Quentiin
    April 19, 2010    

    It’s a very good news Brent, this is not a surprise! ahaa! you are the best gay actor in this world !!

  9. Stacy's Gravatar Stacy
    April 19, 2010    

    Woo~~~~~you looks quite different from the others, i think that’s great and impressed people a lot. Medias always like to keep everything fresh. It seems like the business will be disappear if they do not digging +_+

    By the way, I have herd about a kind of person who have a lovely angel face and a sexy devil figure….e….is that you, Brent? O(?_?)O~

    Keep fighting!

  10. UK-Guy's Gravatar UK-Guy
    April 19, 2010    

    well done dude! if you hadn’t won, it would have been really stupid though, you are always best perforrmer

  11. Rob's Gravatar Rob
    April 22, 2010    

    Congratulations on the TLA award. It lets you know that you have a loyal cadre of fans who think highly of you.

  12. Claire L's Gravatar Claire L
    May 1, 2010    

    come on. that’s no doubt~
    i have a question B…what does agenda mean… i’m confused. i just listened to Dr. John Corvino’s lecture against descrimination to the homosexual community.
    I heard people use agenda on gay people all the time…what does it mean, exactly?
    i try to google it…but kind of get blocked out…

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