10628372_10152278148136430_3037854184526706149_n-200x300Growing up, a scant little boy from the burbs; you bet I had aspirations and grand plans. Did I picture myself starring, directing and filming gay adult films? Not in the least. But now that I’m here, doing it – I’m just not going to let this be all that I’ll ever become. Then again, now that I am here I’m certainly not going to let this be it.

You see, it’s no secret my biggest pride and accomplishment is knowing I’m not your average anything. If there ever was a special ingredient to all of this it was my insistence that just enough was never good enough. Call it perfectionism. Determination. Creative interest. Luck, even? Whatever “it” is, I am extremely thankful to have even a little bit of it. Which is why I’m sharing with all of you, here on TheNewBrentCorrigan.com.

I was always different. And I’m not necessarily talking about my sexuality either. Out of almost nowhere, it seemed, as a very young child I developed an extreme fondness toward horses. From a very young age I was mocked and ridiculed in school because of a near-obsession. I’ve always wanted to make films. I’ve mostly been drawn to directing. As a kid I put on plays and wrote projects for my classmates. I always had solo speaking parts and roles in the school plays. However being the outcast that I was, by the time I reached high school I just could never break in to the tight-knit Drama Society. So I marveled from a far, quietly doing research and fantasizing what it would be like to produce and direct my own version of Equus or Le Miserables.

It wasn’t until I moved to San Diego, California the summer of 2003 before my junior year in high school that I was given my first opportunity to bloom and be myself. I wish I could say it was all down hill from there, but it would be a lie.

Truthfully, this is sheer punishment for me. I can’t very well write about myself and not be objective. Unless I publish my forthcoming novel right here and now there is simply no way for me to share about myself without stirring the pot and creating more questions and confusion about who I am and where I come from.

Which is why, if you really want to know – or even if you think you know – you have no idea until you pick up your own copy of my book. The Novel by Brent Corrigan will be available, I hope by Spring 2015.


Brent's Book

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Part of life, it seems, is starting over again and again, each time a little smarter than the last. It’s frustrating but and I’m guessing here ultimately rewarding. I want each and every one of you right there with me.

As I grow, as I live and learn, I’m going to continue sharing my experiences, lessons, hopes, dreams — even pains — here, in the open, for you folks to see and read. You all have been a constant in my life.

I figured out there’s a better way to make my own, ways that don’t treat models like crap, create limp sex scenes, and force you to fast forward through something that should be incredibly fun.