Are you ready? Because it’s coming.

We need to talk.

I feel the need to level with you a bit in light of my recent announcement.

Yes, I have chosen to return to my adult roots.

Yes, I am planning to shoot adult material as a producer again.

And yes, I am also eventually planning on adding fresh new scenes to my roster. As a model. In front of the camera. For my company and also for other adult companies.

(Note my choice not to use the “porn star” label. Let’s be honest: It’s porn – not the academy awards. I’m not a porn actor – that would mean everything I depict is make believe. I don’t like the “S” word because I think it inadvertently puts me in a category that frankly is none of my business designating for myself.)

While I have always stated (if everything went according to plan) I did not intend on returning to the adult industry as a model – I am going back on those statements made years prior to now. [GASP!]!

Does that make me wishy-washy?

No, people change their minds all the time. It’s taken me four years to return. Wishy Washy would probably have required a quicker back and forth and back again.

Am I a sell out?

No, I’m not stooping to an all-time low. I’m not taking on a new career or path that I haven’t already enlivened in the past.

Or, am I just confused about what I really want out of life?

Getting warmer. Who knows what they want out of life? For real? Half the time we run around saying things that sound nice to us – solid theories about what appeals to us and looks good on paper – but then we realize it’s all just theory and living it, being it or doing it is a lot more complicated. “I like the idea of it, but not it“.

Worst yet, am I merely returning to porn because I feel it’s my only option?

No. Wrong. Though it would make for a sensational and tragic narrative. A fate not too uncommon for so many performers that have come before me. Unfortunately, the most sensational part of my life has come and gone. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to one-up 17 year old porn star and 21 year old witness in a murder trial. And for good reason. Anything more than that sounds like sheer hell to me.

The truth of the matter is . . . I hate partitioning myself. I hate feeling held back. I hate being bridled, stunted, and prevented from being who I truly am. I thought all I ever really wanted to do with the rest of my life was anything other than porn. But in reality, over the last few years of living away from it, I have learned so much more about what’s real to me and what isn’t.

What I want and who I am. How the two fit.

They’re joined, spliced together, in some strange animal hybrid that simply cannot be controlled or caged.

That’s good for you – and has proven to be somewhat problematic for me. Definitely it’s proven to make things more than a bit more complicated in my life, especially my love life.  Oooops . . . .

The reality is, and I was never fooling myself here (for the record, once and for all!), I was never going to get very far in mainstream media alone. Again, I knew that.  But the plight, and the interest, and my goals, and the sheer drive and determination to prove there is more to me than what meets the eye got the best of me.

None of that has changed. I’m not going to lower my personal expectations just because I’m merely no longer pretending like exhibitionism is a part of my very fiber.

I still insist I’m not your average adult model. You know that. That’s why we’re here. Yes, I do embody much of what makes us who we are. That you can’t deny! Those of us who are good at this kind of work all have some of this going for us (duh).

But never, ever ever forget that we, your sexpot hunk porn boys, are never only just what hangs between our legs. Afterall, many of you (whether you admit or or not, whether you know it or not), are attracted to what you are attracted to for more reasons than what you are seeing on the surface.

I know I don’t have to remind you the biggest sexual organ in the human body is THE BRAIN.

The reality of my work in mainstream media is it came at a greater cost than it was valued at for me. Ultimately there’s a price for everything you want out of life. Running around, pretending to be someone I was making me feel diminished.

How much was I really willing to pay to get as far as I could in the non porn world of entertainment?

Well, I got into the thick of it and decided after 4 years that what I was willing to do was less than I originally had thought. And since I am leveling here with you now, there is an element of sadness to all of this. I knew I could pay a great price, spin my wheels for the rest of my life, and I still might not ever really get where I wanted to be.  Even with keeping my aspirations realistic there was never any indication that I wasn’t going to waste a lifetime of drive, determination, talent and dreams only to be utterly disappointed and bitter.

I am not bitter. I’m not in the least embittered about my past in porn. But the non-porn world would not rest until I turned my back on it all completely.  They wanted to make a deal but weren’t willing to deliver on their side of the bargain. Even for a thrill seeker like me that sounds like too great a gamble.

There is a fire inside me that has not gone away. It will not go away. And I am refusing to squander it.

I am not willing to waste it on a plight that has yielded nearly nothing for me.

I loved my time in porn. I didn’t quit until the last 2 shoots began to reveal something to my, quietly. The reality, at the time, was that my approach and sheer feelings about the ACT of working on camera was beginning to become a bit jilted for me. In short, I mean to say I began to internalize the task at-hand too much. A smart person in porn knows better than to over-think the work. That’s why you don’t see too many intellectual types in front of the camera (there are a few tho! You know who you are). What I mean to say is, I psyched myself out. But also, for the first time in my life, I thought I was falling in love with a man. That had a profound affect on how I felt about sharing my body like that while he was in my life.

I was encouraged to walk away from adult by my lover. I was pushed away further from porn by the producers of some of my mainstream work I did because they needed desperately to cling to some validation in their choice to cast me. I obliged believing their rhetoric – that I could climb as high as I wanted and become the filmmaker/actor I dreamed of being long before PORN was even a PART of my life.

How familiar are you with my story? Did you know that I originally became acquainted with the idea of doing porn as a model because my first producer offered to mentor me in making film? Not just porn, but the entire process of releasing DVD media. Did you know Bryan Kocis lured me into his house 10 months after having met him via the internet through my then-boyfriend (who had applied to work for Cobra and had been denied but was later considered after having used me as his “in”)?  I took a “summer job” working for him and his one man bullshit outfit in Pennsylvania under the pretense that he would teach me the ropes. When I arrived in Pennsylvania (at his home outside of Phily) he presented a grand plan for our future together. When I declined to go along with his ridiculous notion to make me his bitch, right hand boy, and meat puppet he refused to follow through with his original offer to have me apprentice for him. All I wanted to do was learn anything I could about the medium of filmmaking. It didn’t even matter to me that it was porn. I was so hungry to learn that I would take knowledge anywhere, from anyone. Unfortunately my drive to learn was used against me by a man who really only wanted to use my body.

The entire situation would snowball out of control a year later when the truth about my age become too public for me to keep Bryan’s secret. A secret that we both shared. A fact that I have been very careful to make well known because I have ALWAYS been scrutinized by the incredulously sounding nature of it all.

“Why didn’t you just leave?”

“Where were your parents?”

“But you were 17-18. How could you not know better? You were nearly an adult?!”

“Then you became one of the biggest adult models in the industry and parlayed that into producing for your own adult company?! You HAD to know exactly what you were doing all along!”

No. Not in the least.

As trite as it sounds I got my education from the school of Hard Knocks. At this stage in my life I had only just enrolled.

You know that that means? I think on my feet. I improvise. Figure it out as I go along. Amend, adapt and use what my surroundings have to offer to me. This is how kids with inattentive parents, no resources, and a world-wise understanding of how it all works get by.

And to think – that a young man that has ever taken two dicks in his ass (on the camera for the world to beat off to) would ever really become a viable, respected actor?! Believe me – if anyone knew ludicrous that sounds – I DID.

I’m the king of long shots. And shit, Baby, you can tell me I’m wrong or not to waste my time until you pass out from boredom, but I will never listen to you. I will almost always work to learn it for myself.  It’s a trust thing. And, it’s a refusal to accept my limitations. No matter how obvious they might be.

Where am I now? I’m happy.

I’m single. Perfectly eligible and utterly disinterested.

I’m just as talented as I ever was. Maybe even more so. And in more ways than just one.

I’m far more determined – the first 3 times I set out to develop an adult enterprise still has not yet yielded the outcome I require of it all.

And I’m in the best shape of my life.

Here’s the best part of all of it: I’m armed with a better vantage point than I was before. What I think we need in the adult media world, what’s coming next, and how to put it all together is something I know now that I didn’t know before. Not to mention I’ve now garnered experience in film media production that I would not have otherwise if I hadn’t left porn for four years.

Yes, I’m tired. I feel like I’ve been running ragged for years now. But I’m far too young to throw in the towel now. And I’m starved for real success.

Am I done with mainstream entertainment? NO. I produced the most provocative and moving film of my non-adult career and played the top billed star in that picture. I directed myself in a non-porn film last April that married my experience in both adult and mainstream genres.

I’m already doing what I’ve always wanted to do. I’m not sitting around waiting for people to give me roles, or to pass me up because I’ve taken a few dicks on camera. Fuck that. You want something done right? Do it yourself. Do it for yourself.  So I will continue to make non-porn films in the way I think they should be made. And fuck it, I might do a lil acting for myself here and there. If there are producers/directors out there are bold enough to know that I’ve got what it takes (and their strong enough to stomach the adult pieces of me) then who knows? Maybe I’ll get just what I’ve always wanted out of life.

But until then, I’m going to have some fun. I’m not going to waste half of who I am on a world that can’t appreciate all of me.

Are you ready? Because it’s coming.

Much Love,
SPL aka Brent Corrigan


  1. Donovan Lehosky's Gravatar Donovan Lehosky
    March 11, 2014    

    Awesome dude!!! I think it’s funny how I being older than you (not by much though) could look up to you. But then maybe it’s not funny you’ve had more life experience than I and had more opportunity to explore the who, what, & why of your life; questions that may never be answered but you’re at least getting out there & doing it. Aside from all that what you do with your talent is your choice, you know that, & now you’re showing the world you aren’t gonna let anyone tell you how to express that. You are a fantastic person Sean and I’m not trying to toot your horn figuratively or literally. I’m genuinely intrigued by you simple because you have shown that you can & will do whatever you want. And darn it! You have the talent to do that! I’ve said before, you have greatness in you & I want to see where that takes you. I will support your decision and will do whatever I can to give my support; probably more in the mainstream stuff but not because I don’t like porn but because that’s something I’m personally interested in. So glad to see you on your journey this far. The anticipation of what you’ll do next is something on the edge of my seat to see.

  2. Chris Hartman's Gravatar Chris Hartman
    March 11, 2014    

    Sean, i have told you a gazillion times that i will support you in any and all decisions you choose to make. i love you like a lover in my dreams and a brother in real life. what ever path you follow is one chosen by you and you alone, just know that this big man has your back.

    love you always,
    Chris Hartman
    (a true follower on fb & twitter & here)

  3. kalifdee's Gravatar kalifdee
    March 11, 2014    

    I love, love to read your writing. Like myself, you tell it like it is and are not ashamed.
    Sweetheart just be you! Whether that is behind the camera filming adult movies or outside mowing lawns for a living. I’m so proud of you for saying hey, this is me…..there’s the fucking door if you don’t like it.

    You can’t live life trying to please others, it will bring you down so low that you’ll never stand back up. I wish you absolutely nothing but joy, success and peace. Joy in life, success in any business venture and peace in your mind.

    Keep your chin up young person and know you have someone up here in the 805 that is cheering for you!


  4. Kerry's Gravatar Kerry
    March 11, 2014    

    The greatest success is found in being who you truly are, without fear or favour.
    Be proud and be assured that there are people who appreciate you for everything that you are and everything that you will be.
    Stay strong and be confident that to be truly loved and understood is to have people embrace the imperfections, the quirks, the so-called ‘thinking outside of the square’ in which others are so happy to place you.
    At the end of the day the only person you owe happiness to is yourself – and in finding your true contentment you are able to become the type of person that inspires others, brings joy and promotes free will and expression.
    May luck and success be by your side always.

  5. Universal P's Gravatar Universal P
    March 11, 2014    

    Is your first name Sean or Sean Paul? That was never clear.

    Doing porn AND producing mainstream content is what we ALL want to see from you!
    Triple Crossed and Judas Kiss were WAY too good for you to hide your acting talent.
    The audience also wants to see you produce sexual content which YOU want to produce with actors YOU’RE attracted to and excited to work with. You can start with a REAL porn scene with Jack Brockett from Triple Crossed. OY!

    If anyone can bridge the ridiculous gap our society has created between erotic entertainment and dramatic entertainment … you can.
    If anyone can grow their fan base to crazy levels and earn that label Star … you can!

    You are definitely our favorite werebear, merman and closet creature all wrapped into one!

    (too many references for a 1 comment? LOL)

    • March 12, 2014    

      No, no. Reference everything! I love it when people can rattle off the titles of both kinds of films. It’s kind of telling that people haven’t yet been able to get around to see Truth and Triple Crossed, even though there’s more of me in both of those films than anything that came before.

      Unfortunately, I’m not sure I can agree with you about one thing. I don’t think EVERYONE cares to see me in mainstream films. I think there are a ton, a great percentage, of fans that lost interest entirely when I put halt to taking my clothes off on camera. A lot of homos just don’t have the patience for lower-budget indie films made for queer audiences. They’re spoiled on the Supermans and Titanics.

      My middle name is Paul and only chose to include it for SAG related reasoning. There was a previously registered Sean Lockhart and we’re not allowed to have the same name as another actor in the union, living now or from another era.

      Thanks for your comment and your continued show of support!

      • david norell's Gravatar david norell
        March 13, 2014    


        I work with someone in film, advising and consulting.
        You are right in taking things in your own hands and going with the flow. Learn from every experience and always take notes. Most do not!
        Did you know you can produce your own content for regular film and without all the costs involved? Did you know you can use Kickstarter to get a lot of the financing for your projects? Do not let anyone hold you back. There are so many that want to simply because they are limited themselves and do not wish to see anyone else get better than them. I hope I can be of help in some way too. Knowledge is power!

        Very sincerely yours,

        David Norell

  6. Ryan Carter's Gravatar Ryan Carter
    March 12, 2014    

    Great news, Sean. Selfishly, I hope your new projects include some particularly adventurous material, by which I mean BDSM, I guess. Much respect X

  7. zamo's Gravatar zamo
    March 12, 2014    

    that is awesome. you´re writing is awesome.

    i love you for being who you are, oh, and please, the pictures are awesome (please forgive me for three times “awesome”, but i can´t find another word to express this).

    to me you are the most incredible human being in both industries.

    you are just great. i love you.

    yours zamo

  8. Chris Douglas's Gravatar Chris Douglas
    March 12, 2014    

    No matter what your real fans will never shirk you or leave you. You’re still a fantastic axctor/director/producer and star. Kudos and best wishes in all you do. I, for one could not be more proud of your success.

  9. Gregoire's Gravatar Gregoire
    March 12, 2014    

    Hi Sean!

    As always, I admire your concreteness. It is not easy to get naked (and I mean in mental and not physical) publicly as you do. This shows your great awareness of yourself.
    You have always shown to be very intelligent and I know that your choices are always very coherent with your ideals. This thing allows me to always be beside you in your decisions and understand why you make a specific choice.
    You’re a hybrid, a polyvalent, but it is important that you know who you are.
    Making films for adults and traditional films is possible, and you’ve shown. I hope your honesty stimulates producers of traditional film to work with you. If they are intelligent and able to understand your full potential, I’m sure you’ll have some nice and interesting proposals also in the traditional sector.
    Sex is not everything … but I’m not made ??of wood …now you have awakened my sexual side … I’m curious to see what you reserving to us!

    The most important thing … I am very happy to read that you’re happy!!!

    A Hug

  10. jha's Gravatar jha
    March 12, 2014    

    dear sean

    i have always been your admirer since the first time i saw your photo way back in high school. i just wanted to say that you really are a great person, deep, profound and honest. now more than ever, my admiration for you is beyond comprehension. in life we we don’t have the power to chose where we come from, but we can still choose where we go from there.
    i love you in a sincere way, because you have shown me what really life should be. take care now, and porn or no porn my love never dies.

    love always,

  11. Mahmood's Gravatar Mahmood
    March 12, 2014    

    Hi Brent Sean Lockhart,

    I can’t begin to tell you how much I love your blogs. You really can articulate your thoughts & feeling so well. You’re an amazing person and keep up the positive outlook. Its the world thats narrow minded. Wish you all the best in whatever you do, just know you’re much needed & loved.

  12. March 12, 2014    

    good !
    yo don’t have to prove to me you can act anymore,
    nor that you’r a fine porn actor,
    nor that you can direct and produce,
    nor that you have a brain.
    top, bottom, bare, it’s all fine with me.
    also great to see you get older and wiser.
    as always I remain curious to follow where you go from here on

  13. Thilo's Gravatar Thilo
    March 12, 2014    

    Personally, I was hoping for your “return” as much as I was waiting for Lukas Ridgestone’s.

  14. evilgenesf's Gravatar evilgenesf
    March 12, 2014    

    applause.. applause… wow that was one great post.. glad to see you are happy and looking great in that yellow shirt. Now get out enjoy some sunshine :D

  15. Chris's Gravatar Chris
    March 12, 2014    

    It’s with mixed emotions that I read this even though you’ve been preparing us for months. Here I am ready to part ways, because porn is really not my thing, and once again you blow me away with your brutal honesty and the depth of your writing. That is what made me sit up and take notice of you to begin with, and I hope you won’t be leaving that behind too. Your duality is what intrigues us fans, makes you…YOU, but it sometimes confuses the hell of us too! Best of luck in your new endeavors, and I hope to have lots more opportunities to support you in the future.

  16. Frank's Gravatar Frank
    March 12, 2014    

    What a great post- honest, heartfelt and in a way inspiring. I wish you all the luck and good fortune in your new/return endeavors.

  17. Tony's Gravatar Tony
    March 12, 2014    

    Good luck and much love to you! xoxox

  18. Michael C.'s Gravatar Michael C.
    March 12, 2014    

    You’re a great writer. is an incredible site. Groundbreaking.
    How exactly are you involved with them?

  19. March 12, 2014    

    Sean/Brent, do what you want! I’m glad you’re not giving up on mainstream films. How about an X rated mainstream film with a real plot and message that also has erotic content? A true to life film that is not censored because of content. You have talent as a writer. Have you ever considered becoming an author of novels or short stories?

  20. Chgoboy's Gravatar Chgoboy
    March 12, 2014    

    Brent you as so right in all that you said. Do what you want to do and what gives you fulfillment. Can’s wait to see what you do in all areas of your carrier. All the best to you!

  21. John Kinslow's Gravatar John Kinslow
    March 12, 2014    

    Please tell me you are going to be more versatile on your roles. You have only gotten more handsome as you have aged. It would be amazing to see you in a flip scene with Darius Ferdinand as a top for Jimmy Fanz and a bottom for Connor McGuire and Ryan Rose (separately or together)

  22. Olaf's Gravatar Olaf
    March 12, 2014    

    I don’t think you need to justify it at all. People love to demean people who do porn yet are huge consumers. I don’t get it. Your choice is your own and esteemable because you make a lot of people happy and entertain us. Keep us posted on where can see you.

  23. Silke's Gravatar Silke
    March 12, 2014    

    Sean, clear words as always. That`s what I appreciate.
    No need to apologize. No matter what you do- if you do your work with heart and inspiration(and I`m sure you do),it can`t be wrong. Good you made your own choice and never ask what any other people expect from you.
    And again: I wish you all happiness and success – from my deepest heart.

    Always with love and huge respect

    “…go on your ride, don`t break or bent.Just take care – my love,my friend…”
    (love this song)

  24. brosty's Gravatar brosty
    March 12, 2014    


    Bravo for being yourself and not allowing others to drive your career. Your talent dictates your success, so charge ahead and get back to what you do best, produce and act. Don’t give a shit what others may say, you clearly know and have your career compass and direction. I’m glad to have your blog to read and follow your thoughts and career. A celebratory Amazon package on its way since every great decision deserves some fresh, hot undies to wear, even if it is only for a few minutes in scene one.

    Respect and love ya,

    Brosty in St.Lois

  25. austin61xxx's Gravatar austin61xxx
    March 12, 2014    

    Looking sexy (as always). Clearly intelligent and realistic. Beyond talented. You are Awesome.

  26. chase's Gravatar chase
    March 12, 2014    

    as chris (above) said, I am at once happy and sad to read this post (and see the video you made a few days ago)…. I am happy because I’ve been a fan of your porn work since the first time I saw you on film, and I would be gr8 to see that once again…. I am sad because I know you have worked so hard the past 4 years to move into mainstream films and show the kind of actor/director you can be and that you have dreamed of all your life…. it does seem to me that you are giving up your dreams in a certain way to go back to porn (maybe to earn more money???)

    but aside from what I see, I have been/am/will remain a fan!! I can’t know what is best for you or for your career…. I can’t know what you need/want for your life…. I can’t know what decisions you should be making…. and I can’t know what makes you happy….. those are all things you know and must do for yourself….. and what I can and must do is trust that you are using your best judgements and doing the things that will make your life what you want it to be….

    so to that end, I just wish you the best in whatever you elect to do in your future, and I will remain a fan forever!!!
    xoxo, chase

  27. March 12, 2014    

    Well said Sean, and why not. Being one of the best known porn stars in the world more than justifies returning to your roots. You are someone we never tire of seeing. In fact, quite the opposite I believe.

    You get better looking with year passing year. That is an attribute bestowed to only a lucky few, so please never take that for granted. Doing everything you can to protect what makes you a world class head turner is worth the time, money and effort.

    Mixing it up with new scene partners and studios is a great plan. Demand the most current tests and trust your gut, even if it means aborting a scene the day of the shoot, if that voice in your head is sending you red flags. That voice will rarely betray you. Always err on the side of caution. Please remember we live in the age of Photoshop, so call and confirm those tests. You are one of those guys who other stars want on their resume and some will do anything to make that happen.

    So your next big challenge is clear. Returning to the silver screen will be your next big step after this adventure. And you will be in the position to do this with Crowd Funding, as you just did with your recent film ‘Truth’ ~ but on a much grander scale.

    Anything you want, can be yours. Make plans. Don’t compromise. You know who you are. Proceed with confidence, knowing the best plans take a little time to execute properly.

    Wishing you all the best and more,
    Johnny xoxoxo

  28. zamo's Gravatar zamo
    March 12, 2014    

    @chris, “your duality [...] sometimes confuses the hell of us too!” – NOT OF ME! ,

    and it´s not “duality”, but full personality. the word “duality” actually even limits a personality to just 2 things.

    dear sean, you are such a strong person, you are really someone special. don´t ever change.

    • March 12, 2014    

      Right! I’m too Schizophrenic to just call it duality ;-)

      • zamo's Gravatar zamo
        March 15, 2014    

        no, you aren´t, but if, me too ;-) , and i hate limitations, labelings and all that sh.. . it´s for usual ones. they have nothing to offer.

        i love to see you, no matter how.

        your blog, your twittering means a lot to me, i´m reading it everyday.

        “truth” and “triple crossed” are awesome, already have one and will get the other one on dvd, too. actually, even if there isn´t – like you said – so much air time for you in “the dark place”, i´m still looking forward to even see that, because it has you in it. even if it was just a minute, a second, but with you, i want to see it. yeah, i´m in love :-) [*makes a dreamy face*], and that will never change.

        looking forward to read from/see you again.

        yours zamo

  29. March 12, 2014    

    You can make all kind of movie and make it look like a winner. I can’t wait to see your future role/film.

  30. Stew's Gravatar Stew
    March 12, 2014    

    I love this new world where a person can be who they are with no apologies. No one else can do what you can Sean! I look forward to seeing what you’ve got to show us.

  31. Jock's Gravatar Jock
    March 12, 2014    

    Hi Sean,
    I always enjoy reading your blogs, I think you’re an excellent writer. Very honest and insightful and always to the point. Not like others that just want to point out how intelligent THEY think they are. I truly believe when a person is determined and they believe in themselves you will never really hold them back and that’s most evident in you. Unfortunately you are probably right about people turning their backs on your mainstream work. Funny how the people screaming about equality don’t really want to give it to others. I’ve seen your work, it’s good. And like all performers, it gets better with each project. I wish you the best of luck in all things and BTW, I’m developing a couple of mainstream projects and would welcome the chance to work with you. Take care. Jock

  32. kalifdee's Gravatar kalifdee
    March 12, 2014    

    Is there a reason why every time I post it always says “in moderation” and it never seems to actually post?
    If it’s because I have a vagina I’m gonna junk punch someone! Lol ;)


    • March 13, 2014    

      No, has nothing to do with your vagina. I post most things but I haven’t been able to stay on top of it lately because it’s been onslaught!

      • kalifdee's Gravatar kalifdee
        March 13, 2014    

        I’m just teasing hun ;)
        Just wanted to make sure you were getting my msgs. I had asked about your amazon list couple of blog posts ago and the msg still is pending.
        Oh hey, do you ever attend the Pacific Pride Festival in Santa Barbara? My work always has a booth there and I hear the festival is a blast!

  33. Patrick Corrigan's Gravatar Patrick Corrigan
    March 12, 2014    

    Spoken like a true Corrigan , (even if you did get that name out of a phone book). I’ve enjoyed your work on camera, whether adult or mainstream, and am sure I’ll only see the best when Brent Corrigan/Sean Paul Lockhart is in the film.

  34. Elvmar's Gravatar Elvmar
    March 12, 2014    

    Hi Brent, I wish all of succes to you, I remember the first time that I saw you, I fell in love instantly, I will always be your fan, honestly, all the non X rated movies that you made or participated are great and I saw them because you were in them, Sean or Brent you will be always a great human being, and I want to thank you all the emotions and happiness that you had make me feel. I have your DVDs and I still enjoy watching you in action, I will always follow you the rest of my life, best of luck. (Sorry for my english, is not my native language). Tienes todo el mundo a tus pies, no lo dudes.

  35. Paul's Gravatar Paul
    March 12, 2014    

    It I your right to search different avenues in the entertainment field o se what works and what doesn’t. Personally I like to see you in the XXX Gay adult type films. But that I my preference.

  36. Paul's Gravatar Paul
    March 12, 2014    

    I really like that star tattoo on your butt too.

  37. Christopher's Gravatar Christopher
    March 12, 2014    

    I recently wrote to you using (I was hoping it was a good email address) wanting to learn more about the person behind the movies. the reality behind your eyes that seem to hide a mystery. your words open up a chapter to that mystery. you have experienced life young and have that drive to not let it get you down. keep up the spirit, reach for your dreams, show those who do not believe that you can and will succeed in all avenues of the industry.

  38. Christopher's Gravatar Christopher
    March 12, 2014    

    one additional observation – the black and white picture of you at the top is perfect.

  39. Jon's Gravatar Jon
    March 13, 2014    

    Sean/Brent, I’m so delighted to hear you intend returning to the adult movie scene. You have a well proven record of producing such movies and an awesome record of acting in these movies.
    Some of the finest most artistic gay adult material I have ever seen, and I’m far from alone in thinking this, featured you and I include in this some of your work with Cobra. No thanks to Mr Koscis
    I truly hope to be in a position to purchase your first new adult production very soon and please dont confine yourself producing, please also feature in acting roles. You are still one of the most outstanding examples of male beauty to be found anywhere.
    So the very best of luck, your cult following, of which I am delighted to be one, will always be here to love and support you.

  40. Steve's Gravatar Steve
    March 13, 2014    

    This is sad to read, first I was happy for you leaving a useless buisness and now I’m reading that your returning to it. Sean you did yourself a huge flavor when you left that buisness behind years ago I always notice that you were intelligent and were put in a wrong place. You can pursue other things in life, you can go to college and get a normal job, it’s not always about fame and money, those things won’t last, and are not important, I’m hearing your always single, and now that your returning to porn you will be single for a long time, even if you get boyfriends you will still be single in time.
    These other commenters don’t really care about you, all they care about is watching you perform, as long as they are getting off they don’t care. Sean your a very attractive man, and intelligent as well, you can do more than just get naked on screen, mixing porn jobs with mainstream jobs won’t work. You have a lot to learn in life, a lot of porn stars left that life behind maybe one day you will wake up and do the same without thinking you will be rewarded for doing so, life is hard, fast lane path won’t get you far. As you produce your movies you will see a lot of “models” come and go maybe you will learn from one of them. No hate, sorry about my bad grammar, and I wish you the best in life.

    • Christopher's Gravatar Christopher
      March 13, 2014    

      in agreement with Steve you are intelligent and attractive. I can also agree that college is an option. however it is not the only option. you can attend college while doing what you love as a career.

      while it may be true that mixing porn and mainstream has not worked in the past and may not seem to work today there is always the need for a strong individual to break that mold. there are many performers today in mainstream that border on the porn scene, if they just remove one more article of clothing or come out from under the blanket. tides always turn and you could be the one to prove that you can do both, do them well and succeed in both.

      when it comes to relationships i have learned that we are only single because the time is not right for us. you will find the right person one day. when you do it will be someone that will stand by you no matter what you choose to do (as long as you do not become destructive to yourself). whether they agree with it or not. that is what true love is about. Having that person that accepts you for you, doesn’t try to change you and stands by you even if they do not agree with a decision being made.

      I will give Steve that there is a huge fan base for you that may just want to see you performing naked so they can relieve their own sexual tension. I don’t know that we can say how they feel about you. truly if they did not care they could easily move on to other porn that gives them the same effect. I can say that you do have people that are fans that really do care for you and want the best for you. people like Steve would not express it f they didn’t.

    • zamo's Gravatar zamo
      March 18, 2014    

      @steve, “these other commenters don’t really care about you, all they care about is watching you perform, as long as they are getting off they don’t care.” , JUST HOW RUDE AND HOW WRONG ARE YOU?

      yes, i take that personal, i TOTALLY care about him.

      you don´t know much about life.

      you don´t get him and it at all. for him it´s not at all about being famous, but he just simply is. YOU can´t imagine that, otherwise, you wouldn´t have written so ignorant. you are trying to limit him, because you are limited yourself. you´re treating/seeing him as someone, who wouldn´t know, what he is doing, who wouldn´t have reasons for his decisions. that is plain rude and almost the same time ridiculously funny. you don´t know at all. but HE knows, because HE is him.

      with your, oh, so “caring” words, you´re actually blaming him and don´t even notice. YOU DON´T CARE about him at all. you don´t know IN THE LEAST what to consider in your consideration.

      there might be a few, who really just want, what you accused “all commenters” for, but don´t you dare to tar all with the same brush.

      @steve, YOU are the one, who has A LOT TO LEARN.

  41. March 13, 2014    

    Well written – honest, searching and far reaching.
    I wish you well in anything and everything you choose to do.
    Great pictures

  42. Rob's Gravatar Rob
    March 13, 2014    

    Sean I read your comments/manifesto above. You have personal goals and aspirations like we all do.

    If you really wish to make your mark in the mainstream film industry, enroll in film school. The general education can be met on line. There are accredited Associate of Liberal Studies programs that you could easily complete in one year and qualify as junior transfer. San Diego State University would most likely have a film major/minor which it might combine with a Drama emphasis. Some of those programs involve screenwriting and directing as well as filming and film editing. You are a smart, patient and strong man. You can make inroads with those connections and what you learn through the instructors and mentors.

    In these times, I think most fans and others care little about someone’s origins. They are more concerned with whether or not a person can stick with their endeavors, even when things look like an up hill push.

    I am glad you are back. You are handsome, sexy, charismatic, irresistible and a force of nature. Earn a degree. You will never regret that you did so. You have much to offer creatively.

  43. Trooper's Gravatar Trooper
    March 14, 2014    

    Dear Sean/Brent:

    Let me second Rob’s suggestion above. A degree would serve you well in the future. It may even lead to a whole different career path.


  44. Joey's Gravatar Joey
    March 14, 2014    

    I will keep this (fairly) brief. I only have two things to say and one question to ask. Here goes:

    1) The B/W pic that opens this post is by far one of my favorite photo of you. Your ability to capture moment is beautiful. Thank you.

    2) I am honored by your raw honesty and unwillingness to “sugar – coat” the truth. You speak from the heart with clarity and vision. Thank you.

    My Question: Should life ever allow us a chance to be in the same city, I would like to take you out for coffee or dinner. No strings. No hidden agendas. Wouldat be okay? Thank you.

    Much love and respect,

  45. Ayumi Aso's Gravatar Ayumi Aso
    March 15, 2014    

    Dear Sean,

    So thrilled to read this post and feel relived!! I’m ashamed to say…when you started the Live Cam shows, I drank heavily and cried. I was so excited to see you on-line but at the same time I was so depressed. l am a broke filmmaker who knows it’s hard to raise money for producing films and way harder to live on. So I felt like “if the reason made him decide to back to adult is “the plight”, I curse the world!!!”…

    After all I’ve begun to realize that you are not reluctant to do that at all and actually that is another part of you… and the artistically erotic pics come with your tweet really seized my heart and gave me an assumption; “SPL isn’t only gonna go back to his roots but gonna go WIN the game”. After I had read this post, I was convinced.

    I do love your mainstream films. When I watched “Triple Crossed”, I could see how tough&demanding the situation was. Limited resources; time and money, acting and directing at the same time… But what you had done through all of these was truly AMAZING. It is a bit exaggerated if I say this is “a masterpiece” but this film definitely proves your genuine talent as a director.

    I remember how your porn had fascinated me, you were GENIUS in that genre!! Once you wrote in your blog that the gay porn has a long history, I believe that with your rare experiences and talent you can surely make the FUTURE of the porn. And I do hope that won’t prevent you from producing mainstream films. That would be way more exciting if we could see your talent in both fields, that’s the thing that no one has ever achieved.

    With love

  46. KimmiK's Gravatar KimmiK
    March 15, 2014    

    I’m the one who will continue to support you, even though you don’t take your clothes off. I admit that your charm and you in naked make me readily horny. But I also realize that what makes me love you more than other porn stars is your adorable and genuine personality. It has nothing to do with sex but just who you are. I hope you will always keep this quality with you. This is the true reason i still love you and will support you for good. May one day you reach success you has longed for, especially that outside the porn world.

    Best wishes,

  47. P.J.'s Gravatar P.J.
    March 15, 2014    

    I found your “open letter” to be inspirational, deeply personal, engaging, heartfelt, full of conviction, pathos, soul-searching, vision and candor – all rolled into one ! Thank you for coming from your heart and honoring your own “truth” and being willing to lay it all out there for everyone to see. I have been involved in consciousness growth, personal awareness and recovery for 25 years and I am truly impressed and moved by what you have shared here. Someday, I would love to chat with you further. I admire your passion, your compassion, your commitment to your own future and your self-evaluation. GOOD FOR YOU ! Stay true to your dreams and to NOT doing what everyone thinks is “the right thing for you” or what is expected of you !! MAKE YOUR REALITY what feels right for you. I just received “Truth” in the mail; perhaps I shall watch it tonight with a new-found respect and greater understanding of your “personal journey” ! Fare Thee Well ! Hugs & Namasté ! P. J.

  48. Yagofran's Gravatar Yagofran
    March 16, 2014    

    I love you forever!

  49. John's Gravatar John
    March 16, 2014    

    That’s my boy! It’s your life….. live it as you please! You will always have a supporter in me…. whether you’re clothed or naked on screen. As always I wish only the best for you in life.

  50. Greg's Gravatar Greg
    March 16, 2014    

    I’m ready for your return to adult films! I love both your main stream and porn efforts! Keep us posted on the lucky guys that you will be filming with! Can a 50 year old guy apply to be one of them?! lol!!

  51. Jeffrey's Gravatar Jeffrey
    March 17, 2014    

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! Can’t wait! : )

    Feels good to let it all out and start anew, doesn’t it?!?!

  52. Brandon's Gravatar Brandon
    March 17, 2014    

    Have you thought about working more in the background in film? Do you have to be on screen? I agree with the above comment about getting some formal film education. You might not be able to get in front of the camera for what ever reasons, but if it really is your big dream there should be room for you behind the camera. Especially if you get that education (if you already do, then disregard that statement).

    I know everyone on here is excited to get to see you naked and fucking again, I’ll more than likely enjoy your next flick, but speaking for myself, I’d rather see you doing something you want to be doing and I just get a funny feeling this isn’t it. Plus, how much longer can you do porn? Is this going to be a reliable income when your 50? I just hope you have for after porn ends, whether its becoming a big time porn producer like Michael Lucas or really retiring and finding another job. Education can be a valuable backup plan, whether its 4 year college, associates, or job skill training.

  53. Bob's Gravatar Bob
    March 17, 2014    

    Brent (Sean) – you are so very very impressive (both inside and obviously outside).

    What I have always liked about you (and I have been a huge admirer since you started in porn) is that you do such a great job connecting with your fans. Thank you for always opening up your heart and life to each of us. I am 35 and I know you are younger but that is the sexiest part of you. Yes, you have an amazing body, great lips, a drop dead gorgeous face, but you are right, the sexiest part of any body is the brain. And, I for one, are so so so attracted to you because you share your hopes, dreams, sometimes the bad moments. Thank you for all that you do for us.

    I was just in your fair city of San Diego and boy did I love it. I was hoping that I was going to run into you, but I never thought I was going to be that lucky. What a little piece of paradise San Diego is.

    You talk about love and finding a man. Brent (Sean), continue to be you and there is going to be a guy (I dream a lot that it might be me ;), one of the luckiest guys on the face of the earth is going to have the greatest partner and lover. This is not because of your mainstream or porn work but because you are an amazing man. I do hope I can meet you someday because I want to meet you to have a great conversation and be amazed by your intellect and gorgeous eyes of course.

    Thanks again from a fan for life – no matter what you do! :)

    Bob Fisher
    Fan from Minnesota

  54. Paul's Gravatar Paul
    March 18, 2014    

    Hello Sean

    I’m writing on behalf of my girlfriend, who is a huge fan but not a native English speaker. I have heard a lot about you and my girlfriend tells me that you are very unhappy right now. What I can say after reading the letter you posted on your blog on March 11th is that you’re obviously very disappointed about something in your life, or maybe quite a few things… much so that I don’t think you should be making any life-altering decisions at this point. If you’re depressed, which seems a live possibility, then it’s all the more reason to postpone this decision. Going back to your old life is a life-altering decision, even though you seemed to be telling yourself otherwise. My girlfriend and I hope you will reconsider. I think many of your fans will feel the same way and will be supporting you during this time.



  55. Max_tln's Gravatar Max_tln
    March 18, 2014    

    Dear Sean,

    First of all, I’m from Europe in a non English speaking country (France). Please excuse my English if it is not really an academic English.
    The first time i discovered your acting was in “Chillorama”. I found you fantastic. I did not know that time that you were an adult porn movie actor. I was so astonished by your acting that I search you on wickipedia and i found your story really interesting. I can’t say I’m a longtime fan but i do really appreciate your work and I’m sure that you deserve a fantastic career as a mainstream actor. Though i found your adult performance excellent as well. I will behave as a friend, and friends support each other in real life. Sean, I do support you whatever your choices are. You seam to be a smart one and your choices are probably the good ones. I sincerly wish you the best in your private and your professional life. Maybe you should consider a European film career, if you get that opportunity.

    Sincerely yours, Max

  56. John Seip's Gravatar John Seip
    March 18, 2014    

    Do what you want and makes you happy

    Screw the haters

  57. Griff's Gravatar Griff
    March 19, 2014    

    Hi Sean,
    I agree with the guy that said that if anyone can work with both mainstream and adult movies, it’s you!
    I’ve watched Triple Crossed and Judas kiss and I Ioved them! Specialy Triple Crossed!
    These type of movies is what is missing in the industry: gay themed movies, with a interesting story.
    For me, you would only work in the non-adult films, because the films you make, there’s no one making similars, differently from porn. So I really hope you don’t give up on the non-adult movies, because you’re great at them!
    You will become the king of gay movies someday, and everyne will know you and admire you as we do now.
    You have my support in all your projects!!

    PS.: sorry about the english, I’m writing from South America (Brazil).

  58. kevin chan's Gravatar kevin chan
    March 28, 2014    

    nice body
    can I ask you your weight and vital statistics numeral ,as a reference?

  59. Michael Gallardo's Gravatar Michael Gallardo
    March 31, 2014    

    The most beautifulpeople we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, andan understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen. That describes you the best.. more power! And Godbless!

  1. Sean Paul Lockhart, AKA Brent Corrigan, Stars In The Chilling “Truth” / Queerty on March 27, 2014 at 12:23 PM

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