I thought these things raged on all night, but then again it was Thursday and only just the beginning . . .

Last night I met a friend out for drinks at Mini Bar. I guess it’s like the “who’s pretty” kind of place. The guys were all 8+ across the board (that’s being conservative). Frankly, it was very intimidating. I’ve always like Mini Bar, but I’m not the pretentious sort – which I’m told is pretty much the place to be if you tend to gravitate to that side of the personality spectrum. Anyway, friend of a friend was gracious enough to include me in their bottle service. Management at Mini Bar didn’t let me pay for a single shot. And presto! There I was, shit faced, mouth shut and trying to hide it. I drank more last night than I have in months. And it’s only Thursday. Sadly, I have two gears: VERY mild, or EXTREMELY wild.  I don’t know how to go out and just have a beer (unless we’re doing something culturally enriching, but when you’re in a bar/club that you can barely hear the person’s name standing next to you, there are few and fewer “enrichment opportunities”).

So, all night I kept thinking “at some point I should slide over to Hydrate and at least poke my face in”.  That’s where Chi Chi LaRue had her thing going on. I didn’t want to be rude and put down all of the great hospitality Mini Bar was showing me. And then before I knew it it was 1 AM and I was sauntering on over to Hydrate.  By the time I got there, everyone was gone and the place wreaked of vomit. I mean every damn corner. Not the best place for someone already heartbeats away from up-chucking as it was.

We stuck it out, the place began to fill up again as the other bars let out and by then I was ready to go home. My friends started dancing. Usually that’s my cue to exit. I’m that guy in the corner texting his boyfriend and looking like he’s miserable – but, he’s not. He’s just not a dancer and he just doesn’t get what’s so great about top 40 remixes.

Then I went home alone and rode my Brent Corrigan Fleshjack dildo in my hotel room.  THAT was the most enriching part of the evening, to be perfectly honest.

I saw some pictures from the event I missed. Doesn’t look like a missed anything at all.  And at the end of the day, I don’t know any of those people anyway. Okay, all this sounds resoundingly pessimistic. Truth is? I’ve been trying to look for good reasons to make a “come back” and I can’t tell if I’m hiding from them and I’ve already made up my mind.

It’s interesting. I used to want to make this “my people” but because of my history in the adult industry I was shunned. Now that I’ve moved on to a different different career direction THAT realm of entertainment doesn’t really embrace me either because of where I’ve come from.

It’s like purgatory.

Caught in the middle and going nowhere soon.

But if purgatory is an evening at Mini Bar in one of the best cities in the world, surrounded by the hottest guys imaginable – I’ll fucking take it!

Much Love,
SPL aka Brent Corrigan