Fleshjack Daily has posted pictures from my recent official toy molding for my new toy line! Don’t forget, all three of your favorite Brent Corrigan body parts have been molded, sculpted and replicated for your personal sexual pleasure. So if you’ve fantasized about having truly amazing suck, fuck versatile sex with me – in the coming few weeks Fleshjack & I are making that a reality for you!

I had to fly directly from Seattle and the set of Judas Kiss to Fort Lauderdale to have the molds and promotional photos done to finalize the preparation of this new line. Fleshjack took very good care of me and booked me a suite at The W hotel – something, I admit, was sorely needed after coming off of 12 hour shoot days in Seattle. That jacuzzi bathtub and I had a love affair rivaled by only one man in my life.

For the first time ever I had the pleasure of working with photographer Gio Caruso. Gio was awarded Best Still Photographer at The Grabby’s this past year. I am always nervous working with photographers I don’t have previous experience with. Part of my job and success relies heavily on maintaining sense of self-awareness. Sure, it sounds like a diva-like thing to say here, but the truth is there is such a thing as bad, good and great lighting. And it’s different for everyone. Being smaller than most adult models I have to observe which direction the light is coming from at all times, and how much is there, because it doesn’t take hardly anything at all to wash away my muscle definition and tone.

Making the molds was quick but dirty process.  I’d worked with these materials before when my lower body was cast for the fitting of my Stan the Merman fins worn in Another Gay Sequel. If you bought that DVD, which I know you did :-), you can watch an extra feature that chronicles this process. The materials used are sticky and cool against your skin. They set quickly and you can feel them tug against your epidermis in a reassuring way.  I know you’ll think me predictable when I freely admit my favorite body part molded that afternoon was my hole. What?! I’m always open to new sensations. Although I will say when the prosthetic was done it didn’t look like much.  The best looking mold in my opinion was the one of my cock.  I know what my manhood looks like, he and I are very well acquainted, but getting a chance to hold it up to my face and study it very close was a welcome treat.  I like my penis.  It’s one of my favorite things about me. Also, again, very predictable.

When it came to the photo work I immediately got nervous. It wasn’t the lights though. Gio revealed the underwear that had been provided by Fleshjack for my photos. One was a very nondescript pair of box cut red briefs. I love red. It looks great on me! But boxcut! REALLY?  I curse knowing what looks good on me and what does not! Still, the red box cut undies were not my real concern.  Gio had a pair of, get ready for it, bright yellow ASSLESS BRIEFS! I’m not kidding. Irritated at the thought of wearing them, I scratched at my brow and lowered my eyes. I tried my best not to come off difficult, but I was frank and honest with Gio. Wearing assless briefs was not appealing in any way to me.  The whole prospect just seemed, well . . . tacky.  Then again, I guess so does molding your body parts to sell to others so they can masturbate with them! Gio was understanding and offered to call Fleshjack to see about a replacement for the assless underwear. I wanted to be sure so I insisted, “These are the very same ones the other boys wore in their shoot, yes?” Gio assured me that was correct. Okay, I could at least rule out the mere notion that someone was playing a cruel joke on me. I paced a little, swayed anxiously and tried not to bite at my nails – a habit I kicked long ago after years of tooth-to-nail trimming.  “You know what, I’m trying my best to be sensible. How about this. I’ll try them on, you snap a picture for me so I can see what they look on and then we’ll go from there.” Gio agreed and I slipped into the hideous yellow contraption.

I’m so glad I didn’t let him make that call to Fleshjack before trying them on!  I was pleasantly surprised upon seeing the pictures and how, well, honestly . . . how flattering assless yellow underwear can actually be. There I stood, proudly in my buttless yellow briefs, corrected and relieved. I agreed to continue with the shoot without any further protestations on my part.  And by the way, Gio knew already just how to properly light a slight of build guy like me without washing away any semblance of tone and definition. He even took care to knock off one side of the lights at times to create a more artistic, contrasting sort of light. Contrast, I will say, is a models’ best friend.

We had to do the boner shots last because my cock needed a break. The molding portion concerning my manhood required a cock ring since I had to stay hard and still for 5-10 minutes without stimulation.  It’s harder than it sounds, believe me. So on went the cock ring. If it had stayed in place any longer than it had I think I would have ruptured some important vessels and veins in my penis. When I pulled the cock ring off my dick remained hard, throbbing and screaming scarlet. I was a little insecure. I have red body parts as it is, being Scotts-Irish (and 1/32nd Blackfoot Indian!). I implemented my director/ producer hat and chose to shoot the boner shots last so some of the normal color could return to my most prized appendage. The pictures shared here are “candid” shots and not the same ones that will be used in sales and promotion of my Fleshjack Toys.

Nothing like a good afternoon of cock rings, puddy in your buddy hole, and yellow buttless-briefs.  It was quiet and focused. I was extremely thankful for this. Talking to Gio it sounded like the other porn stars had a media circus in attendance upon having their moldings done at Fleshjack Headquarters in Austin, Texas. Sure, I missed out on some bonding time with the other stars having to stay in Seattle to shoot Judas Kiss, but I have a feeling in the years to come we’ll all have a few promotional events together.

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