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Interested in booking me for an upcoming event or party?  Over the years I’ve I’ve been included in all kinds of different kinds of events.  Whether it’s the standard adult star appearance in a clubs (a few performances on stage, meet and greet signing and photos complete with Brent Corrigan Fleshjack Give Aways) or something as simple as having me deliver the cake for your best friend’s 50th birthday party, I’m totally in!

I approach every inquiry and booking as the consummate professional I am; more than just your garden variety go-go dancer. I’ve hosted award shows, walked in amateur fashion shows, been featured in mainstream films, modeled and attended Film Festivals as a featured filmmaker/actor. I’ve done interviews for magazines such as Out, Rolling Stone, London’s Gay Times and many more – you can also use the booking form below for interview requests.



The Actor in Mainstream Films

Working with Brent was one of the highlights of shooting my film ANOTHER GAY SEQUEL. I have always disliked the fact that it can be difficult for adult performers to work in “mainstream” films, so my Producers and I specifically sought out Brent to audition for the part of Stan the Merman. Upon meeting, it was immediately clear that Brent was not only highly professional, but also an incredibly talented actor. We auditioned numerous folks for the part, but after seeing Brent it was impossible to imagine anyone playing Stan but him.

When Brent showed up in Fort Lauderdale for the shoot, he was well-prepared and looked like an angel. The part was physically demanding in that it involved not only spending several hours in special effects make-up, but also required him to work in cold water — a challenge for even a well-seasoned actor. Despite Brent’s inexperience on a mainstream set, he was a complete joy to work with. He knew his lines, never complained despite the challenging conditions, and had great chemistry with his co-star.

Everywhere I go people tell me how much they loved Brent in the film. I couldn’t agree more. His scenes are memorable, heartwarming, and his charisma leaps off the screen. I look forward to working with Brent again in the future. He’s a movie star!”

Todd Stephens – Writer, Producer, Director
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The Ultimate Stage Appearance

I had the pleasure of working with Brent Corrigan recently and I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised with the degree of professionalism exhibited by this young man. Brent was courteous, well mannered and most punctual (unusual in the night club industry). Unlike several adult stars I have encountered, Brent bares a great likeness in person to his professionally retouched photos. He is very accommodating and eager to make the public happy. Having approximately three hours of autographs and pictures to process in one night, most clients would become disinterested or bored, however, Brent was a professional and the smile never left his face. To anyone wishing to engage Brent for professional reasons, I would say that he is a solid bet and well worth the effort.”

Alec D’Storm – General Manager / Meteor Urban Party Lounge Houston, Texas

Film Festival and Mainstream Promotions

Peccadillo Pictures invited Brent over to the UK to attend the Iris Prize Short Film Festival in Cardiff and to promote the release of the short film compilation DVD, BOYS ON FILM 3: AMERICAN BOY, which one his shorts films, ‘In The Closet’, is part of. The moment he set foot on British soil (his first time), he proved himself to be one of the best guests we’ve had. He was professional, impeccably mannered and great company. He attended all of the films that were screened at the festival and showed a keen interest in the workings of the festival and mingled with all the guests, contributing to intelligent conversation but also having a great sense of humour. He also possessed a good level of self-deprecation which always goes down well in the UK.

A lot of people’s preconceptions about what an adult performer would be like in person were thankfully smashed, as he was the perfect gentleman. While in Cardiff and London, he hosted a club night at Pulse nightclub, partook in a number of photo-shoots for Boyz, Gay Times and Winq magazines and also did interviews for Gaydar Radio,, ReFresh, Boyz and Winq. His answers were always well thought through, interesting and amusing. I honestly am not a fan of writing these sorts of things (testimonials) as they can come across as a bit sycophantic, but with Brent I really can’t fault him (even his shirt-folding skills are impeccable).

If you are considering booking him for an event or appearance, just do it!”

Simon Savory – Peccadillo Pictures Distribution Co. London, UK