Timothy doesn’t see things the way you do. Well, we probably level more with his perception on life and social decorum than most might, but that’s beside the point right now.

The self proclaimed “Hawaii Speedo Student” honestly doesn’t get what all the fuss is about. However, he put his school up in arms and launched them into a heated campus wide debate when his less-than-popular social normalities were publicized by the campus school newspaper.

Now, Queerty “Free of Agenda – Except the Gay One” Blog, The Huffington Post, The Sword Blog, Gorgeous Boys Blog and a handful of local news networks have turned their attention to his story and the controversy that has ensued. Even OMGBlog included a blurb about it.

I sat down in an open conversation with the boy in the Speedo himself, and this is what he had to say:

I am so excited because there are few articulate, thought provoking exhibitionists like you and I out there, so it’s sort of, in some ways, like discovering there are others of your kind out there. I’m trying to say that without making this about me . You’re fascinating enough without me here.

Haha, that’s ok. I really do find it strange that so many people are getting worked up over this issue. I personally don’t find it very fascinating or special, and I’m a little bit at a loss that they do.

Well, I don’t think it’s just about what you did. But why. Or who you are. What brings a person to such behavior, which you have already made clear to me before, is behavior you don’t see anything wrong with. And the more I talk to you, I am prone to agreeing with you. Except maybe I would have jizzed on my speedo and sold it to someone and not the desk, but that’s just me!

Good point. That would have been more productive. I haven’t ever actually sold a Speedo, but it’s worth keeping in mind!

You might sell one soon!

Tell me a little bit about yourself, just to set the stage a little. What is your name, how old are you, where do you go to school, what year are you? What do you do with your free time? Which island do you live on in Hawaii?

Ok, that’s a lot of small questions! Well, my name is Tim. I just turned 22 a couple of weeks ago. I’m a senior at the University of Hawaii – Manoa, but because I came in as a transfer student I’ll be here for another full year. When I’m not at school I live on the island of Maui, which is much nicer than Honolulu. Free time – I do a lot of reading, mostly historical fiction, detective stories, and military history and theory. I’m also into classical music and computers, and sometimes I do something that actually takes effort, like biking or swimming. I’d rather just bask in the tropical sun though.

Do weight train or work out on a regular basis?

Not really. I go through stages where I’ll do situps and pushups for a little while to keep some muscle tone but then I get lazy and stop doing that. I don’t work out much even over the breaks when it’s more convenient.

I know you spend most of your time in Honolulu, but what is your favorite part of living on Maui when you are there?

Mostly that it’s not North Dakota, which is where I used to live. I just enjoy living in a warm climate in a place that’s beautiful and not barren. I don’t really go out and do anything much, so I can’t claim there are any special activities there that I love.

At least your honest! I live in southern California and I don’t get to enjoy it hardly enough.

If you could pick 5 words to describe your personality, what would they be?

Wow. That’s a tough one. Let’s try intelligent, ambitious, passionate, inventive, and sensitive.

What is your major in school? What do you want to do for a career in life?

I’m a history major, I specialize in European and military history. For a career, what I’d really like to do is run a private military or security consulting company, since that’s the area where all of my interests and talents seem to be.

Let’s talk about your blog. Why did you start it? Why do you do it? What are you trying to accomplish with your blog?

It’s a bit of a story. Right after I came out, I discovered that I enjoyed showing off. I’ve done photography as a hobby off and on in the past, and I ended up taking a few pictures of me and posting them on one or two gay personals sites. The responses were very encouraging, and I started doing it a little bit more, but then there were limits on how many pictures and videos I could post on those sites. So at the beginning of the year I made the decision to start the blog, where I could permanently store all the stuff I made. It would also be a chance for me to let more of my personality shine through, maybe give me a chance to talk about things that I wanted to. Additionally, I’m very much into speedos both sexually and non-sexually, but there isn’t a great deal of porn out there that caters to speedo lovers. So in that sense I was filling a gap as well.

Later the blog took a bit of a different turn. As I experienced more of what the LGBT community around here was like, I discovered that many of them disliked the idea of having someone they knew displaying himself on a pornographic blog. This was a shock to me. I had expected them to be much more tolerant and accepting of different views on sexuality, but that was not the case.

Have you kept everything you have posted on your blog intact, or has the controversy of late made you remove some things, written or otherwise?

There has been one edit. The original text that was published with my classroom speedo video contained some parts that were misconstrued as malicious and did not express my intent well anyway, so I removed those. Everything else, including all of the comments, is still there.

You are quoted on your blog saying: “No, more precisely, the blog and its visual contents are my way of speaking out about the place of pornography within the gay community and society as a whole, by making it more personally relevant. It was a shock to me the first time I ran into visible opposition to it from other gay guys. I had assumed that since they themselves were likely to be the targets of discrimination or intolerance because of their sexual identity, they would be more accepting of different behaviors even if they didn’t choose to participate themselves.” How does your blog ascertain this achievement?

I’m sorry, I don’t quite follow.

I’ll rephrase the question: How does your blog make pornography more personally relevant for the gay community, even if on a small scale?

I think it does it in two ways, at least within the subset of the gay community existing here. First, people can make the connection between me, the guy they see just walking around campus normally, and the material appearing on the blog. That helps them realize that there is someone within their own community who participates in such actions. Second, with my latest video, I physically moved the space where the sex was taking place, from the private confines of the bedroom into a more public space that lots more people could connect with. It’s not just about the gay community, it’s about encouraging all people, regardless of their own sexual tastes, to think about how they view pornography.

And by relating it to a person or place they can connect with, hopefully I facilitate that kind of thought process.

Has your vision and purpose of the blog been shaped by this experience at your university?

Absolutely. These experiences have left me even more bewildered by how few people seem to be willing to tolerate the beliefs or behaviors of others when they are personally offended. At the moment, I don’t have any fresh ideas about how I can keep on challenging social norms and conceptions of good behavior with the blog, but that will definitely be a stronger consideration for me from now on when I’m planning stuff for it.

Did you anticipate such a big “finish” at the end of the shoot, or was that improvised?

No, that was planned. I thought a lot of viewers would find it titillating, so I did work it out in advance.

So, you wouldn’t consider yourself impulsive?

I can be sometimes, but it doesn’t happen all that much. Normally I like to plan things ahead to achieve the best result.

Did you think the whole thing through before executing it? If you can think back, what did you expect to happen?

I did consider the possible consequences beforehand. Honestly, I didn’t expect much to happen at all. Given the target audience for my blog, I thought there would be very few students here who were ever likely to see it. Even if they did spread it around to their friends, I doubted that anyone would really care. My perception of college society was that it had moved beyond repressions about sex and display, and that no one would find anything especially unusual or noteworthy in what I did. Especially given that sex happens in semi-public spaces on campus all the time, my actions weren’t especially outstanding.

As we’ve seen, my evaluations were way off. For reasons that still puzzle me, a lot of people felt very passionately about this.

Do you consider yourself well connected to your fellow students?

I wouldn’t say that I do. I’m friendly but not an outgoing person, a bit shy sometimes. Added to that, this is my first year at this school, and my first semester living on campus here, so I haven’t met a lot of people yet.

Do you have an idea of how this maybe became bigger than you thought? Namely being featured in the school newspaper, which you might admit, is probably the source of where it was first blown out of proportion? I guess I mean to ask, is there some way or someone you know who might have tipped the paper off that doesn’t like your work on the blog?

There have been a couple of theories as to how this got started; I’m not sure which is the more accurate. The school paper is definitely the place that started the mass hysteria by saying that I had been jerking off all over campus and that there was a health risk from that. I know there are gay guys here who had seen my blog before all this and disliked it, but they don’t seem to have been involved in the complaints process.

As for the school paper, they have since retracted all the allegations that they originally made and apologized for alarming the campus.

Most of my friends here are gay, because that’s generally the main way I’ve met people since coming here, at gay social events or through mutual friends. Those I do know have been pretty supportive. One of them thinks it’s hilarious to watch people overreact to this. A couple are instructors in the English department, working in the queer studies field, and they consider what I’m doing to be important culturally and socially. Others have experience this kind of discrimination themselves and sympathize with my situation.

Is one of those instructors an avid commenter on your blog?

He is, as a matter of fact. Or at least he was a little while ago.

You just came out to your parents, how recently? What are your thoughts on your parents finding out?

I came out to my parents this past Thanksgiving, and so far they haven’t had a problem with it. My mom said she’d been kind of expecting it for years. I’m more worried about telling them this though, since the impression I’ve gotten over my life is that they are very opposed to porn of any kind. They raised me to be tolerant and accepting of others, so I’m hoping that they will be supportive of me when I do tell them.

Have you thought about how, beyond using the tolerant card, you might get them to understand? Especially if you have found it already extremely difficult to get your peers to get where you are coming from with it?

I’ve thought about it, but I haven’t come to any conclusions yet as to something that might soften the blow. What I’ve written to them to tell them simply says that this is not a threat to my life, that I’m sorry to have to tell them, but that it’s honest and that I need to tell them to prevent others from presenting it to them in a hurtful manner.

That’s probably as good as it gets. It sounds very mature. I think you have a little time to figure it out. A day or so maybe. Which is more than nothing, right?

Possibly a day or so. The one analogy I can use to to explain it to them is that my dad has done practically the same kind of thing for most of his life. He’s a bartender. His job involves service to others, serving them something that they don’t need except for their own pleasure, and something that many consider to be injurious or unethical to use. It’s a parallel case to what I’m doing.

Are you able to attend class? If so, do you experience verbal and physical backlash from the other students when you are on campus?
Is being in class awkward at all knowing so much of the school is aware of what you did?
Is this considered a big deal for your school?

I continue to attend classes, and so far I have not experienced any backlash from other students. It may go on behind my back, but I haven’t noticed anything. The worst that has happened was having a drunken girl yell at me one Saturday night a couple weeks back. Being in class isn’t awkward for me. I don’t have a consciousness of having done anything wrong; what I did can even be considered scholarly because it has been a means of opening a discussion about issues of sexuality and social norms. I was up in front of a class just yesterday for a group presentation and it didn’t make me feel self-conscious at all. The school considered it enough of an issue to place me on academic probation. I disagree with that decision, but I can’t really protest it either. Hawaii, I’ve been told, is a more conservative and closeted area when it comes to sexuality, and the college administration is heavily conservative and Republican, so yes, I imagine it is a big deal for them.

Tell me about you stance (and thoughts) on equal rights, gay marriage and discrimination.

That’s a very difficult question for me. I suppose the simple way to answer it would be that I’m indifferent to these issues in the way they’re usually discussed – that is, within the standard political realm. As I mentioned in my last blog posting, I identify politically as an anarchist. As such, I subscribe to three basic principles: all humans are equal; all of them possess a basic right to complete freedom of action; and that right cannot be taken away, transferred, or delegated. Since all humans have the same rights, no one of them can reasonably claim authority over others, nor can their rights be assumed by an organization. Things like race and gender and sexuality don’t modify this inherent equality. So it seems a bit silly to me to see any government trying to take away or confer rights on different groups, because they already possess those rights, and the government has none, and can have none, to begin with. Whether or not humans choose to exercise the rights that they have, though, is a different matter. That being said, as far as the marriage question more specifically goes, I think it’s something that needs to be worked out by the various religions and societies as it becomes something they are confronted with. Historically, marriage is far more a social or religious custom than a legal state.

Yes, but the legality of marriage is governed by each state, and while your theories on equality seem fair, they don’t address the fact that equality is still a major debate in our society today, namely the gay community. I guess what I am asking is, do you see the need to secure equal rights in a political and social climate that requires it of us, if we want it?

Because I think in the abstract most of the time, the issue doesn’t seem that pressing to me. But looking at it from a more usual perspective, yes, I absolutely do see a continued need to work towards equal rights. My guess is that it should be more of a social effort than a political one, until homosexuality (or another behavior) becomes accepted as normal and unexceptional. But this will have to be done without trying to integrate gay culture seamlessly into mainstream society. We shouldn’t have to have an equality debate going on; we should be accepted on our own terms without discrimination.

You have a very idealized approach to life. Do you find that problematic?

Extremely so. I’m constantly annoyed by the differences between what I reason out and what I see going on around me. I’ve had to learn to compartmentalize the two views.

Let’s talk about compartmentalization for a minute. You said: “From all appearances, instead of being genuinely willing to think outside the box, gays simply encase themselves in a different box. The walls are still up, the biases are still in place.” I’m fascinated by this point of view and how you feel about the community at large, the social issues and shortcomings we are toiling with. Can you please elaborate?

Well, the term a few friends of mine have used to describe that attitude is homonormativity, meaning the way members of the gay community attempt to adhere to all normal social behaviors with the sole exception of their choice of sexual partners. They want to be perceived as non-threatening, it seems, in order to gain acceptance more quickly. To do so, they turn into agents of discrimination themselves. I don’t know how far this holds true within the LGBT community as a whole. However, I’ve definitely seen it in action here. The LGBT center here at school has not made a single move to support me in this controversy. They are willing to walk around the state capitol waving signs, but they are not willing to do anything that can be viewed as threatening or aggressive. To me, that means that they’re lacking in the motivation to fight for gay rights, since their actions don’t show enthusiasm.

I still fail to see where your rights in this case relate directly to gay rights, can you please clarify that?

They don’t. That’s the point. The only similarity between the cases is the underlying principle that discrimination on the basis of personal dislike does not form a legitimate means to penalize someone. Otherwise, the issues of gay rights have no real similarity to my case. I think I phrased that better in a blog entry.

Don’t you think that gay people and their insistence to “play it safe” and possibly reject anything that mainstream, hetero society deems reprehensible is their way of possibly maneuvering themselves to get what they want?

Oh, absolutely. The trouble is, in the process of that maneuvering, you lose some of what you’re originally fighting for. So the the question is, when the battle is over, will you have gotten something that was worth the trouble? or will what you have even be close to what you wanted?

I’m playing devil’s advocate here, because obviously I don’t believe in this tactic. I recommend you read this interview between Karl Lagerfeld and Bruce LaBruce. It’s really long and extremely vapid, but what they say about homosexuals pandering for marriage equality might speak to you a little bit. Most people dislike it because of it’s source. I’ll send you the link later.

To me, it would appear real problem here is that students in your school are conflicted by what they want and the underlying, undying conservatism that permeates even our generation – though there are so many people out there who believe that the generation before ours will be the last of this popular way of thinking.

On your blog, you normally average 10 comments a post. When you opened up about the local commotion regarding your actions and your entry for it garnered 61 comments and counting, how did it make you feel?

As for the comments, it was interesting to see them. It’s confusing to me, because people have become so exercised over such a trivial issue. I believe one guy said that I made him want to take all gays out and burn them. So they were also more disappointing than empowering, because the majority were negative and not based on very good evidence. At least it got some kind of a debate going.

I noticed most of the comments are from the same people. Do you know these people from around campus?

Most of them I don’t. I believe that a number of them are disgruntled members of the LGBT community here, but I don’t know them personally.

Do you feel like the commenters are making it their issue and avoiding the more important, broad topic of conversation you are trying to assimilate?

Definitely. Most of them are concerned with one of two issues: either they think my behavior is inappropriate for unspecified reasons, or they think it was a health hazard. The issues of discrimination and tolerance are not something that they discuss.
Because they can’t comprehend what it is like to be on this side of the issue, of course.

One of the comments, left by Joe Stals, read:

“I really hated the class and the instructor I used to have in that room, so this video was a sort of revenge for me. Also, as you’ll see in it, I didn’t clean my cum up at the end either…so I’ve spent the whole week since then laughing at the thought of multiple classes going through that room and working right on top of my cum without even knowing it’s there or what it is! Naughtiness doesn’t get any better than that?”

It’s meant to be a quote by you. Did you write this? I have not been able to find it on your blog.

Was it removed later, after your actions become public and blown out or proportion?

I did write that. Apparently some people thought that was malicious in intent, and it didn’t express my intentions in making the video very well, so when the school administration asked me to edit it to reduce the fallout, I was willing to agree.

I don’t see that as malicious intent, I see that as embellishment for the sake of your readers, to heighten the eroticism of your blog entry.

Your school newspaper Ka Leo wrote the following:

“A UH student has been endangering students by leaving his body fluids on desks in many classrooms. His blog, Hawai‘i Speedo Student, shows pictures and videos of himself masturbating in buildings such as Kuykendall, Moore, Webster, Physical Science, Watanabe and possibly more. He is currently being investigated for violating student conduct codes. Please take appropriate precautions like disinfecting desks and washing hands frequently. He is self-described as 5 foot 7 inches with frizzy blond hair, blue eyes and a slim build. Do not attempt to approach the student. If you notice him or anyone else exhibiting sexually deviant and psychotic behavior, call Campus Security.”

When you read this, what went through your mind?

Pure shock at first. I was stunned by how arrogant and presumptuous it was, by the number of value judgments the paper made right there without even batting an eye. After a few rereadings, I also realized that it was tremendously inaccurate. Whoever had written that article apparently hadn’t read my blog very thoroughly, otherwise they would not have accused me of jerking off in multiple classrooms. It was probably the most intolerant piece of reporting, if you can call it reporting, that I’ve ever seen. Even more importantly, the paper shouldn’t have even had the information that I was under investigation. That information was protected under state law and breaking confidentiality is a crime. Someone leaked it to them, intentionally or unintentionally I don’t know.

The paper has since retracted and apologized for all of those statements.

Do you think that retracting the statements made a difference? What were your opinions of the school newspaper before this ran? After?

I really had no opinion. I knew it wasn’t liked, or thought very highly of, but then I’ve never heard of a school paper that is. Afterwards, of course, my opinion of them went right down, and it wasn’t helped by an article they just published today, in which the author concludes that the community does have the right to determine whether a behavior is deviant or not. It mentions nothing about this incident, but the prompting is obvious. And I doubt that retracting the statements will do much good, especially since the issue has gotten so overblown now.

A comment on your blog from Loraine read:

“Here’s ironic for ya. Ka Leo published an article titled

‘Best places to have sex on campus’ almost exactly a year ago. Here’s a quote from it:

‘Most hated professor’s office: Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it.

There’s no better way to get back at an annoying professor than by breaking into his office,

bending your girlfriend over his desk and knocking the diplomas off the walls.

Be sure to leave something behind, however, or your perversion won’t pack much of a punch.’

This article also advocates sex in public places such as the Kennedy Theatre,

the Game Room, Hamilton Library, among other high-traffic areas.
Was editor Kris Derego labelled a ‘psychotic’ and a ‘sexual deviant’?

NO. He remained on the Ka Leo staff as their news editor. Great job.”

Check out the entire thing here:


Do you find this to be true? Were you aware of this article when it was published?

That was published before I came to this school, so I wasn’t aware of the article until Loraine pointed it out. It certainly does highlight the hypocrisy they practiced in handling my blog. If the video I made had been done by straight guys as part of a fraternity prank or sports team initiation, it would have been overlooked just like that article was. No one would have cared. And that article isn’t the least of the questionable things this paper has done in the past.

On your blog, Sam left this:

“wow, fucking hot!! I can’t wait to wank it on my own campus!!! You sir, are quite the inspirational artist!!! ?”

What are your thoughts? Do you see art in not just what you did at school, but what you do on your blog? Does it bother you to think other young men may read your blog and follow in your footsteps?

I do see it as art to a certain extent. It’s not perhaps as artistic as other things might be, but there is artistic expression involved in making it, and a well-produced piece of porn does have its own artistry beyond eroticism. As for other guys imitating me, well, I’m not too worried about that. It’s harder to do something like that in a classroom than the video makes it appear. But, if they did, I’d be very pleased. It would mean a lot more discussion about public sex, public nudity, and what exactly constitutes inappropriate behavior, and that would only be a good thing.

What is your opinion of the Queerty article written on you and this incident? Do you think it was fair, comments aside?

I’m not inclined to say the Queerty article was very fair. From the headline to the last quote it has a pretty fatalistic tone. They confuse the school administration with the school paper in one place. Also, the last few paragraphs seem more than a bit sarcastic about me. Like everyone else, they’re still harping on the belief that I’m casting myself as a martyr for gay rights.

Yeah, a fact that has now been sorted out, but of course they aren’t there to report on the updates. I can relate to that

You’re drawn to doing adult work. Do you want to be a porn star? What draws you to this kind of work?

I can’t really explain what draws me to it. It gives me a genuinely good feeling to be in front of a camera, not just sexually, but artistically as well. There’s a lot of bad porn out there, and that’s a challenge to me to try to come up with something that is better, more sensual and more enticing. As to being a porn star….well, I was actually reading your blog entry on that the other day, and you made a point I’ve been thinking about for a while. To me, a porn star is someone who works regularly in the industry, and has become successful and popular at what they do. I don’t think I take it seriously enough to ever become a porn star per se; adult work was something I got interested in and would like to pursue as a hobby, simply for the fun of it.

Do you watch a lot of porn?

Not much. For one thing, it gets me aroused too easily, and for another, I prefer making it to watching it.

What was the response you received from those companies you directly inquired with?

Has anything changed after all of the attention?

For the most part, the companies I applied to in the past never even responded to my applications. That hasn’t really changed since all this got started. There is one offer I’m considering right now, but that came some weeks back and before the situation got nearly this big. The large number of negative comments some of these articles are getting may be conveying the impression that I’m damaged goods.

What is it about Speedo’s that turns you on so much?

For starters, I guess, they’re really fun to wear. They feel great and everything is technically concealed but still pretty obvious. Nearly naked is even sexier than naked to me, and speedos are the perfect way to make that happen. Also, they’re usually associated with swimmers in my mind, who are the hottest group of guys there is – smooth, slim and tan?

Do you like all kinds of speedo’s, or just traditional bikini cut ones?

All kinds. Most of mine have been the standard brief suits. I do have a retro-style squarecut right now that’s a pretty good-looking suit. I actually wore it in a photoshoot for a poster for the local Rainbow Film Festival, which was fun.

How many Speedo’s do you own?

Hold that thought, I’ll take a quick count?

It looks like 13. I just bought two more, including one that’s a copy of the suit the school swim team here wears.

Good move! I can’t believe you only have 13, it seems like you have so many more.

Yeah, I try to keep using different ones for different photoshoots, so most of them have probably been on the blog already.

I own about half a dozen myself. A pair I wore in the Venetian Pool when I was shooting Another Gay Sequel, before they put my Merman fins on. They are tailored personally fit to me perfectly, Aussiebum. I was in Sydney and I bought a brown pair that is very retro. Speedo’s are great, but I try not to buy or wear any with the seam that runs down the front in the center. You want the middle seam in back, in the crack, because it melds and molds your cheeks and accentuates the round shape of each cheek.

You also want to avoid front seams because they reduce the shadow play on your package, so you can’t see the beautifully titillating outline of the head of your cock. Very important in a Speedo, if I do say so myself.

Aussiebums are fun for sure. The ones with the elastic waist are probably the perfect speedo. The ones with only the drawstring are a little more daring, especially if you’re well equipped up front. I know what you mean about the seams. I have a white Speedo solar that has the back and front seams both, so pluses and minuses I guess. Some of the Dolfin racer suits are also very good at keeping the outline of your cock visible.

We do have a shop here in Honolulu that makes custom speedos. I haven’t bought anything from them yet, but only because I can’t make up my mind what I would order!

How do you feel about sex? How often to you have it? What do you enjoy doing most?

Quite a broad question. Well, for me sex is like any other action. It can be trivial, or it can be very meaningful depending on what you attach to it. I prefer to have it slow and intimate and passionate, although that doesn’t happen a lot. For that reason I don’t have much of it these days. I was more active right after I came out last year. These days, I might get to have it once every few weeks, and it’s more in the nature of blowjobs with a friend than anything else. As to what I enjoy doing most, I’d actually say cuddling and kissing. I can’t get enough of those. To me they represents the best form of intimacy. But I’m a major tease, so anything drawn out and sensual is likely to attract me.

I know we are getting very personal, but what is your preferred sexual position?

Not too personal at all. I’m mostly a bottom, I’ve only topped a few times.

Does it interest you? What do you think about when you jerk off, you know, when you’re just for your own personal amusement and for no one else?

Hmmm…usually I have the image of a particularly hot boy in my head. There was one guy, the first one I ever had a crush on, who supplied me with material for probably a year. Other times I construct a fantasy in my mind, usually something involving a lot of teasing, maybe some stripping, maybe some sex with underwear or speedos still on. It can get creative sometimes.

You’re really big on scenarios? Do you think that on a porn set you would be able to take one, an outline so to speak, and very successfully play it out for anyone who might watch it? Would you enjoy this?

Yes, I’m very much into scenarios. I think my ability to play one out would depend on how well I connected with it. I would want to think about it a bit beforehand, but I could also improvise as needed. If the scenario was one I felt good about, I’d be very excited about trying it out in front of the camera and putting on a good show.

Of course, and you’d need a costar you were really into. Someone who was great at going along and improvising.

Very true. That would be equally important, to have someone I was mutually attracted to. If you can get that kind of chemistry naturally then the final product would be much better.

What kinds of guys are you attracted to? Prominently, who out there do you find attractive? In mainstream entertainment? The adult industry?

In general terms I like guys who are moderately athletic. Swimmers and gymnasts are probably the biggest groups. Some twinks too, although that spectrum is much broader. Hmmm…I don’t really get into mainstream film or music a lot, but every good gay boy likes Taylor Lautner and I’m no exception. In the adult industry I guess I’m a little bit more aware. A couple of names that jump out from the past are Cameron Lane, Kaden Saylor – oh, and yourself, of course. And in terms of studios, there are a lot of guys at Corbin Fisher and Bel Ami who look pretty good too.

Well, I know Cameron Lane would like you very much ;-) Kaden moved away to Texas with his French girlfriend, so I don’t think he’ll be doing any adult work any time soon.

Well, thanks, I’m quite flattered to hear that (blushes). Oh, Kaden moved? I thought I heard something like that. It’s a shame there won’t be a third Porne film then.

And thank you for the very kind compliment as well. I must say, I don’t see anything remotely damaged about you. I think, like so many of us here in the adult industry, you simply just don’t operate like most people. I think you’re misunderstood, but you are not confused as far as I can tell. Then again, I might not very sane myself, so maybe you should seek a professional opinion before taking my word for it!

Hey, let’s not get into the sanity question here. Up till 1971 we were all insane anyway!

No, I don’t think there will be a third Porne film. Dirty Bird Pictures was a pet project of Dink Flamingo’s, and in the current financial climate it doesn’t make sense to continue projects such as those for such astute business man: the genius behind Active Duty.

Any final thoughts?

Not really, except to say thanks again. You’ve given me a chance to say a lot of stuff I’ve run over or put in drafts but haven’t published anywhere, so I’m very grateful for that opportunity.

It will be a great venue for it to, you’ll have nothing but supporters from where I’m standing. Though, to be honest, my fans can be fickle too. I’ve had a hell of a time turning them on to the other models I have brought on. But they will certainly see you to be the thoughtful, intelligible, insightful soul that you are. They will love the dynamic hybrid between your mind and your manhood (and I don’t just mean your cock ;-) )

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