I hope you’re proud of me. That’s what this picture says. It beckons your approval of ME!

Well, in this case, if you want to get technical about it – you should be proud of my web developer Mark from Gorgeous Boys and me.

We, and by we I mostly mean he, managed to work out all of the kinks pertaining to the webcam show apparatus.

Not only have we secured a reliable streaming network for it, but the picture we are bringing to you is cleaner & clearer.  And this time, there are no leaks. Meaning, you won’t catch the show some random place online because the trial-run chat service is regurgitating it somewhere free.  So you must get (or for some of you impatient ones waiting in the rafters, renew) your subscriptions to The New Brent Corrigan.



Starting Friday, April 16th I’ll be doing webcam shows once a week. I am considering Mondays.  Who knows, maybe this is how I can bring more light and fun to those dreaded back-to-work days. THIS MEANS – if you miss Friday’s show, you can always grab Monday’s.

The show this coming Friday will begin at 7 PM Pacific Time and will last 1 and a half hours. Since I’ll be back on the following Monday, that should be ample time!

See you Friday!


  1. Cintronite's Gravatar Cintronite
    April 11, 2010    

    WOOHOO!!!!! :D

  2. April 11, 2010    

    YAY. Fabulous news. And that picture is so hot. I want to sit on it lmao

  3. inmyheart!'s Gravatar inmyheart!
    April 11, 2010    

    Can’t wait Brent, been a member for a while and was wondering were the webcam shows had gone.

    Will members be able to watch a recording if they cant watch it live?

    Brent lover

  4. ScottH's Gravatar ScottH
    April 11, 2010    

    Great news! Can’t wait! It’s great to have you back on the blog, on Twitter, and now, with new webcam shows.

  5. April 11, 2010    

    Oh I just wanted to say that the link on the right to your Facebook page doesn’t work. I think it’s supposed to be facebook . com/thenewbrentcorrigan lol

  6. jamie's Gravatar jamie
    April 11, 2010    

    Brent, I’ve been a big fan since I first got Velvet Mafia. I have bought The Big Easy, Porne Ultimatum, Just the Sex and the Summit. You haven’t commented on the Levi thing have you? Maybe I missed it. Gonna get Working Hard soon. What happened to that Palm Springs pic that you talked about before? Ryan was terrific with you in the Big Easy, btw. You rawk!! Jamie

  7. April 12, 2010    

    I love your webcam shows but again, 4 am in central Europe is a killer. I will probably not be able to make it. Have fun anyway.

  8. Snaggletooth's Gravatar Snaggletooth
    April 12, 2010    

    drowning in drool here….HELP!…lol

  9. DonNva's Gravatar DonNva
    April 12, 2010    

    hooray, itll be great to chat you up again!!!

  10. April 13, 2010    

    mondays at 7.. good choice I’ll have to be by a computer at that time

  11. Chelsea's Gravatar Chelsea
    April 13, 2010    

    Oh yay! So excited. :)

  12. ernie's Gravatar ernie
    April 13, 2010    


    I like Friday.

  13. April 14, 2010    

    Congratulations to Brent Corrigan for winning Performer of the Year on the TLA Gay Awards!

    Brent you had some STRONG competition and some 30,000 votes! were cast.

    I think the FANS have spoken!

  14. Albert's Gravatar Albert
    April 14, 2010    

    Vote Brent Corrigan as a Fleshjack model.

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