Brent has been busy directing his latest movie, and Ace now gets the director’s attention. The size of Ace’s cock is just too much for Brent, so in seconds he is choking on it. Each guy devours the other’s cock in glorious fashion, and as they 69 Ace slides up to eat out Brent’s luscious ass. The site of Brent’s hole gets Ace so eager he has to stuff his man meat into his very receptive partner. The sheer size of Ace’s cock surprises even Brent, as several times the big dick reaches really deep and makes Brent scream in pain. That pain, however, feels so good to Brent that he doesn’t want it to stop. But it does…yet only after Brent gushes a big load all over himself and Ace dumps a quart on top of him as well.


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